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Relatively new academic year 10 examination in professional


This year, Hanoi will hire 42 specialized classes in four high schools specializing in Hanoi - Amsterdam, gifted Nguyen Hue, Chu Van An high school and high school Shanxi. Hanoi Department of Education reminded when registration aspirations recruitment specialist in 10th grade, students must be based on academic ability, professional courses and schedule. Each student selected a maximum of two of the four cases mentioned above.
Candidates are required to conduct grading, academic school year of lower secondary classes from level upwards classified graduated from junior level upwards are eligible for recruitment into the elite class.
Preliminary, the school will be based on evaluation criteria including: exam results select good students, local talent, national ..., result classified 4-year academic level 2 and results of secondary school graduates. The students have a total score of 10 or higher prequalification will be taking entrance exams.
In round contest, students must take the courses Literature, Mathematics, Foreign Language (referred to as non-professional courses) and specialized subjects, two subjects English, Mathematics along with entrance exam in grade 10 high school does not specialist. Essay examination questions, particularly foreign language courses use appropriate forms to evaluate all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Students in grade 10 exam. Photo: Hoang Ha.


As a rule, exam time is 120 min subjects amateur, professional courses and foreign languages ​​Chemistry 120 minutes, while the other half is 150 minutes. Student scores amateur coefficient 1, scores specialization coefficient 2.
The cases reviewed from high to low to recruit enough targets assigned for each specialization. Considering the final targets have many candidates have equal points, then continue at selected candidates in order of preference: specialization scores were higher than the entrant, the higher pre-qualification, technical grade point average professional entrant in the higher grade 9 ...
"Students want to enter registration NV2 school admissions have higher points of the benchmark at least 1 point. Matriculation NV1 If they will not recruit NV2 and the lower benchmark schools enroll only NV1 birth registration, "Deputy Director of Doan Hoai Vinh said.
Students provinces from Thanh Hoa come out with good academic ranking, good behavior grade 9 in 2012-2013 and won the official exam gifted level (reached from the three or more) registered entrants into special classes of award-winning professional or non-professional class of Chu Van An high School.
For 10 amateur classes, each student is registered for recruitment into two public high schools, including 10 classes of non-specialized high schools and Chu Van An High School Shanxi. Students wishing to enter registration NV2 school admissions have higher points of the benchmark at least 1.5 points.

Lịch thi vào lớp 10 tại Hà Nội như sau:

Ngày Buổi Môn thi Thời gian làm bài Giờ phát đề thi cho thí sinh Giờ bắt đầu làm bài
18/6 Sáng Ngữ văn 120 phút 7h 55 8h
Chiều Toán 120 phút 14h 25 14h 30
19/6 Sáng Ngoại ngữ 120 phút 7h 55 8h


Thi các môn chuyên


Ngữ văn, Toán,

Tin học, Sinh học

150 phút 7h 55 8h

Tiếng Pháp,

Tiếng Nhật

120 phút 7h 55 8h
Chiều Vật lí, Lịch sử, Địa lí 150 phút 14h 25 14h 30
Hoá học, Tiếng Anh 120 phút 14h 25 14h 30
21/6 Thi nói các môn chuyên Ngoại ngữ


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