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′Preserve Social Forum Rules integrity is very hard′
"Dan Xa Tac is not intact shape, do not know where the center. Development plan was to avoid the build up of space through the herd," said Tran Dinh Thanh, experts Cultural Heritage Department, awarded to VnExpress.
> Hanoi is building bridges through Social Forum Rules
- Sir, why the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism approved the plan flyovers on Ring 1 through Social Forum Rules offline without going on Ton Duc Thang Street - Nguyen Luong Bang?
- In 2012, we received 5 architectural plans to build a bridge over the intersection of O Cho Dua Hanoi. Ministry of Culture agreed to pick 2C1 plan for the least impact to Dan Xa Tac, ensuring traffic, minimize button of clearance through O Cho Dua.
Through the analysis of the transport sector, we see that the traffic flow is located from the Forum to De La Thanh Commune, as well as the belt line 1. And from Ton Duc Thang Nguyen Luong Bang goes down less traffic, the road width is not guaranteed to build bridges and roads influence from Kham Thien O Cho Dua button. So build a bridge over to De La Thanh Xa is most appropriate.
When determining the alignment, we consider the construction of the Social Forum Rules influential or not. Through maps and fact, the plan was to avoid the build up of space through Social Forum Rules. Overpass going between the old road that we are going from 2007 to present, bridge abutments outside the protected monuments should not affect the cultural layer and exhibits. We found that this plan feasible, Ministry of Culture agreed.
- When building, bridge foundation can destroy the layer has not unearthed relics here, what do you think about this possibility?
- Over 2006 excavations we know no trace of Social Forum Rules, where it shows the foundation, floor tiles, scattered artifacts, Dan Xa Tac showed no intact shape, unknown high Where men interested. Can people build homes in the past in this area has affected sites. Thus, the plan preserved Dan Xa Tac is very difficult, so we have to store in kind, images.
We are also concerned that damage to the artifacts in the ground if so required in the construction process must be monitored by the agency culture, discovering ancient artifacts, the museum put on to protect the long- long.
Phối cảnh cầu vượt qua nút giao Ô Chợ Dừa, Đàn Xã Tắc. Ảnh: ĐL
- What do you think is the culture that built bridges over Social Forum Rules means "to go on top of the engine"?
- Scope of the Social Forum Code is quite broad limits from De La Thanh, Kham Thien Xa Dan, Kim Lien. Monument area ringed just a very small part. There has been a lot of traffic, many households are in this area.
In 2007, when construction of the ring road 1 comments spirituality "to the top of the engine" has to be considered, but in the context deems necessary to harmonize the transport development should archaeologists agreed for the construction of the monument. And will go on to the next space and go on existing routes.
- In the past, Dan Xa Tac are highly valued, and the conservationists to assess how this monument?
- In 2006, archaeologists have chosen to archaeological area is centered on the possibility Affairs Forum Rules. In 2007, when the first belt, managers and some scientists agreed partial occupancy archaeological excavations to build the new Kim Lien and retain a portion of Social Practices Forum, is grassed traffic island now. To protect monuments, Hanoi was covered with geotextile on archaeological layers, covered in sand up to protect archaeological layers beneath.
Previously many suggestions, such as putting some actual stone above the sky in certain relics to reproduce here, but we think that is not appropriate, so just put the rock Hanoi recording locations. In the future there will be a monument or plaque recording the history of the Social Forum Rules and Thang Long-Hanoi.
In my opinion, ruins should be preserved and promoted, so it should not just be a normal traffic island. The Ministry of Culture has also awarded certification as national monuments for the Social Forum Rules.
- Ha Noi archaeological unplanned so investors often have difficulty building works, so how to resolve this issue?
- Hanoi is a monument, archaeological planning to do very hard, takes time and can not do right. Archaeological planning related problems such as land, excavation funding, zoning boundary demarcation protected monuments. Besides, the government must also address the current situation as the population has historically existed in the region, if the archaeological findings will be displaced population, this situation is not resolved simply.
However, archaeological work is planned in phases and conducted in each locality. Heritage Act states that the provinces have established archaeological heritage. I know Hanoi has many heritage conservation projects, including a list of objects, works to preserve ancient villa. This may be one of many ways conservation.
Xa Tac's neck lute fact, be made to sacrifice Land, Agriculture god, occupied an important position on the ancient kingdom. The historian said that Vietnam has 3 Dan Xa Tac in Hue, and Ha Noi Hoa Lu.
Xa Tac at Thang Long citadel is made from King Ly Thai Tong (Year of the Rat in 1048), and after King Le Chieu Thong (1788) is lost. After more than two hundred years lost, Dan accidentally discovered by archaeologists in late 2006, when the building perimeter 1 Kim Lien - O Cho Dua.
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