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New design of decorative ceiling collection Boral

In the history of architecture, ceiling design is the creative arts complex sculptures, carvings, paintings ... Today, the architects have created many creative, useful for the interior array .

Design coffered ceiling plaster ceiling combined with decorative lamps, gypsum is creative collage with shapes, different blocks fit modern style space.
Nowadays, the trend ceiling design simple and modern plaster ceiling. Collection Boral plasterboard help homeowners creative ceiling design preference and style without spending a lot of time and effort.
The correct and consistent use of materials with significant help plasterboard ensuring both technical requirements and aesthetic.
Regarding aesthetics, beauty glorified ceiling of the room by curving design or shape available supply shock. They are constructed with the top edge of the flat and sharp Boral plasterboard, cut, join, bend flexibility and perfect sync with the accessories. More impressive at night ceiling thanks to the effect of ceiling lighting.
Regarding energy, gypsum can meet diverse requirements of fireproof, moisture-proof, sound-insulated and well ... For the living space with family and friends wishing to listen to music, watch movies, karaoke, homeowners can use ceiling sound absorption by Boral Echobloc we had just decorated the sound effect.
With a bathroom or kitchen, you can also use moisture-resistant gypsum ceiling panels Boral Moistbloc - material suitable for wet environments, areas with high humidity ... Boral plate Firebloc or fire - resistant materials fire up to 2 hours.
For office, office, classrooms, hospitals, floating ceiling design work covering electrical systems, insulation and aesthetics. The system will see floating ceiling frame borders coordinate with decorative plates after finishing work.
Collection decorative plaster ceiling Boral diverse tastes and meet different application needs. In particular, the ceiling pattern: with Plankton samples, Dolphin, Canary, artistic motifs, supporting ceiling lighting. PVC sheet with samples Shade, Palazo, Condado, Casper, Gunny clean, beautiful and luxurious. Panels painted with the pattern Diamond, Pearl bare smooth surface, highly reflective. Sound absorption panels Echobloc painted surface and punch available to help tune the sound, highly aesthetic. The company Boral Gypsum Vietnam (BGV) is one of the leading manufacturers of gypsum in Vietnam, with the goal of offering quality products and good services for homeowners.

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