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Get paid ′terrible′ recession

Thao Nhi, software testing employees are a company's information technology recruitment Singapore immediately after graduating from FPT University in 2011. When asked if the current salary, Children smiled: "under 20 million." How in the position of software testing which is considered "idle" than the programmer, in a large foreign companies with dream salaries so that the Child friends are lucky.

To receive high salaries, working in a professional environment, young people face a lot of difficulties, pressure. Artwork.


In fact, to get the job and salary so, Wu said that the journey was not easy. The company's customers are from Singapore with her working style and demanding professional. Children tell: each time they send all orders to answer in a very short period of time. The plan, presented their project to detail, detailed explanations, solutions have to be given more choice. In particular, the time requirements are accurate to the minute. "That's a lot of pressure, just late with one client, they can be severely punished," Wu said.
Even when partners complained, she was to be patient, courteous convince them. Not to mention, the always communicate in English as well as a small pressure.
"May back in school, I was familiar with the language used in the school, the teachers also forged for the style industry, so as you do not here much crestfallen. Higher, but in exchange for a wage earner working wheels we were very terrible, great responsibility, "said Wu.
Go to work earlier than Thao Nhi Thanh Long (born in 1988) in charge of the business, a website for teen from college last year. Location manager with a full undergraduate students "power", Long brings many opportunities for exciting experiences, but also requires a lot of effort on him than usual. You have to cut regular sleep time, stay to finish the job. In management position soon so Long to study a lot in the process.
"Many lessons are not taught in school, you have to pay 'tuition' repeatedly flashed by loss of contracts or failure to compete with rivals. Overall poignant lessons!" Long said. At the peak, look terrible transfer salary account every month, Long only see more pressure. "Everything has its price, ease where his company paid large sums of money they are disengaged Where comfort" - he said.
Even during the economic crisis with layoffs condition occur simultaneously in many businesses, young people make terrible job with salary or Long Nhi not as rare. In fact, many companies still "subjected" to hunt human quality and are willing to recommend salary talent to win big.
Struggling over 2 months, via the channel from the Jobs page, by introducing friends and colleagues, Huy, director of a software company in Hanoi's new look is appropriate for the chief position techniques with no salary "recession" - starting on 20 million. The policy of salary, bonus or benefits accompanying launched to attract talent.
Anh Huy explained the economic downturn, businesses also need to optimize costs. But companies are still willing to spend heavily to get good staff. So good workforce, the company has a new sound to go through the crisis. "This is the phase where companies increasingly prefer high quality staff and children, as young people often strong professional and entrepreneurial, 'blood' than, the requirements of the company's groundbreaking" Huy share.
However, the terrible wages from the business always comes with the required quality, high yield, even a person to do the job and the job of 3-4 people. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong, Vice President of FPT University - one of the schools have employment rates and average starting salaries of graduate students is quite high, given that it is normal for the supply relationship demand in the market.
Mr Feng said that even in the context of economic prosperity or decline, demand for high-quality human resources is never reduced. Accordingly, only to have the capacity and skills, young people can be confident to work for the wage crisis, "but must always remember that practice continuous effort, not just the initial impetus" - Recently he advised.
According to him, the youth should be phased out beginning was very familiar concept in our society is the "job", as if that would be honest and would not do business nature "for". "You do not need your business and if you want high income, you have to be to bring greater business value it. To this, the young people need to be aware equip yourself with the skills features essential to become 'big fish' in the eyes of employers. As the unit training exercise focused attitude, knowledge and skills in accordance with market demand for students before you drop was born, "he said.
Talking to, labor economics expert - Dr. Le Minh said that the young people the opportunity to earn high salary job when just out of school in Vietnam is not much but it is not rare. Most employers require experience - something that the young graduate is very difficult. However, this is gradually improved as more foreign firms and some domestic companies hiring criteria and the ability to handle the job skills, and give them the opportunity to learn even during work. On the other hand many students have become more aware of the work now in the process of learning to get practical experience.
He has said that in order to get well-paid jobs when school leaver, the young need three factors converge: good job, the passion and professionalism. However, He also stressed that income should not be the number one goal of the young people just entering the world. "Young people should find their own work accordingly, have the opportunity to learn and really passionate about, so that they can be creative, to pursue long-term and create high levels of income," he said.

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