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Gas prices continue to fall


In a statement, broadcast this afternoon, the Ministry of Finance now require a minimum of 301 petrol prices to the highest level was 23 339 dong per liter, diesel at least 90 dong to 21,260 dong at least 81 oil remaining at 21 319 copper. Separate fuel oil commodities, as the difference between current price and the base price is not great should require stable.
The time downward adjustment in domestic fuel prices by businesses petroleum decide on the appropriate time, but not later than 16h30 on 26/4.
Gasoline prices fell for the third time in a row. Photo: The Heart.


This is the third consecutive decline of gasoline prices since early April. A total of 3 times, gas prices have dropped more than 1,200 dong per liter. Earlier, in late March, the price of goods has increased at a 1,400-liter petrol, petrol prices to a record 24,550 dong per liter.
Ministry of Finance explained the domestic retail prices continue to fall through the world comes down. On average, 30 days of 26/4, 92 RON gasoline price is $ 111.29 a barrel, diesel oil 0.05 S: $ 117.12; kerosene: $ 116.55, fuel oil 180 cst: 616.60 USD.
Petrol price cut last held on 18/4, which is also the last day before the holiday 10/3 lunar calendar. Today is the last working day of most work before the long holiday 30/4 and 1/5.
PVOil representative said the 310 units per liter reduction on the price of gasoline down to 23 330, diesel oil and kerosene turn down 100 dong to 21,300 dong per liter and 21 205.
Vietnam Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex) announced reduced prices for gasoline at 310 in region 1 and 2 is 320 dong. Here is the new price of Petrolimex:

đồng/lít (kg)

Sản phẩm Vùng 1 Vùng 2
Xăng RON95 23.830 24.300
Xăng RON92 23.330 23.790
DO 0,05S 21.250 21.670
DO 0,25S 21.200 21.620
Dầu hỏa 21.300 21.720

Along with gasoline rebate requests, the Ministry of Finance announced tax goods imported fuel will increase by 2%, respectively gasoline tax to 16%, up 12% diesel, 14% gasoline and mazut to 14 %.

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