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CEO Income PNJ 121 million a month


Shareholders jewelry company Phu Nhuan-PNJ this morning approved earnings for leadership in 2013. Accordingly, the salary and allowances of the Director General 121 million a month. Vice Chairman of the Board and Deputy General received 72 million a month. Board Member and Vice enjoy 84 million total.
At the meeting, Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, Chairman of the Board, said first-quarter profit only 63 billion, down 30% over the same period and was not planned by the meager purchasing gold. Macroeconomic policies unstable, unpredictable, almost brings dimension does not encourage business development gold buy gold bullion is always difficult.
PNJ chia cổ tức cho cổ đông 2013 ở mức 20%. Ảnh: Hồng Châu
PNJ dividends to shareholders in 2013 at 20%. Photo: Hong Chau


2013, PNJ targets revenue 7798 billion, up 21% from last year. Profit after tax of 241 billion. This revenue shareholders are not close to assess the state of the economy. Reply to shareholders, she also found that capacity planning is quite challenging, but if you buy three remaining health improvement will easily reach the expected level.
Realizing the situation increasingly difficult economic decisions companies dividend at 20%, down 3% compared with 2012, with the desire to increase the accumulation in the future.
Total consolidated revenue in 2012 reached 6777 billion dong. Revenue 6428.4 billion parent company, with 62% planning and consolidated net profit reached 254.4 billion, or 96% of the plan.
The main cause of the reduced revenue as gold sales dropped by 70% compared to last year, contributing only 4.7% of gross profit. Particularly active core is still gold jewelry steady growth with sales reaching 3,647 billion, up 3% compared to the same period in 2011. PNJ 2012 dividend is 23%.
Congress approved a plan to increase its chartered capital from 719 billion to over 755 billion through issuing more than 3.5 million shares, par value 10,000 employees in the company.

Hồng Châu